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Welcome To Bhavishyadarshan

Dr. Mahendra Pandya

Pt. Mahendra Pandya is Vastu Shastri who can convert Negative Vibration (Energy) to Positive Vibration in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Plots and he tries to make that place more and more Power full. He known as “Bhagvat Kathakar”. He does kathas in India’s many religious places like Haridwar, Rameshwaram and in many places of Gujarat. There is no doubt that he is famous astrologer and Karmakandi as well. He shows where is problem in Janmakundali (Janmakshar) and which kind of worship have do to get rid of those problems so therefore he does many Pooja-Path to get people out from that problems. He is conducting Bhavishya Darshan Program continuously in VTV HD News Channel since 5 years. More than 3 lacks people daily watching that program daily and every day he is trying to connected with more and more people by doing live question and answer simultaneously everyday in morning 07:30 o’clock.

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Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial obje

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Vastu Shastra is an indispensable gift for keeping the place of residence-enjoya

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Worship is a complete guide to those who believe in destiny and who have faith i

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Horoscope is a clear mirror of life in which all aspects of life can be seen. On

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